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Lalamusa City

Lalamusa is an importent city in Gujrat District, Punjab, Pakistan.

This city is named after a person Musa, whereas the word Lala means Big Brother. Lalamusa has some good recreational place like Barkat Park, Qasim Park, Hassan Park etc. Lalamusa is a largest Railway Junction Station. The Pakistan Railway lines passes through the city which links it with Sargodha, Islamabad and Lahore. This city has big Vegetable and Fruit Markets in region. Lalamusa is also due to its strict traffic police.

Lalamusa also has the honor to host the only available academy for local government training in the whole country.


Population: 0.1 Million (One Hundred Thousand)

Famous Personalities:

The famous folk singers Aalam Lohar and Roshan Aara Begum belong to Lalamusa.


Town councils of Lalamusa are:

1. Committee Mohallah
2. Eid Gah Mohalla
3. Chiragh Pura
4. Qali Garan
5. Sardarpura
6. Jogipura
7. Karimpura
8. Qasbah
9. Saida Goal
10. Kaira
11. Dhama
12. Camping Ground
13.Ghosia Mohallah

Ministers from Lalamusa:

Qamar Zaman Kaira Tanveer Ashraf Kaira
Former Federal Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Kashmir Affairs and Northern Areas Former Provincial Minister of Finance, Development and Planning - Punjab